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How two boys earn $ 32,000 a month with Ethereum mining operation in their garage

It sounds unbelievable but true. Two brothers in the United States of America learned the trick of earning money via an ETH of Ethereum mine. They established this mine in the garage of their home. According to a report Ananya, aged 9, and Ishaan Thakur aged 14 have earned a sum of around 32,000 USD.

The local newspaper further reported that these two little siblings live in Texas. Apparently, the duo had a dream to own their own mining operation after they were impressed with a story narrated by their father. He told the kids a bedtime story about the growth of Bitcoin.

Initially, these two kids wanted to try investing in Bitcoin, which is the digital currency with the highest value. They, however, did not have sufficient funds to invest in that cryptocurrency. So, they made up their mind to purchase the essential equipment to start crypto mining.

The two brothers started crypto mining using their old gaming computers. They could earn approximately 1,000 dollars in the first month. They were keen to see their crypto mining operation expand. They faced a hurdle though as there was a scarcity of graphic cards required for the activity. They were not disappointed and searched for a solution. The siblings signed up for getting constant updates on necessary supplies from different electronics stores. As soon as they got the updates, they procured the necessary equipment.

The brothers went on a self-taught mode

These two enterprising brothers revealed that they taught themselves the tactic of crypto mining. They self-taught themselves through several videos on YouTube. Their dad also helped them to purchase the essential equipment.

The young entrepreneurs are using their income on inputs so that their farm can have continuous growth. They are also using the money to pay for electricity and also want to save funds to study at the university.

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