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How will NFTs connect blockchain and conventional gaming? Witek Radomski.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and play-to-earn (P2E) games have been re-envisioning the future of gaming in recent times. The up-and-coming field of NFT gaming however is a matter that has attracted contradictory reactions from the conventional gaming community. Some complain that NFTs are depriving gamers of the in-built entertainment factor. This was the case when the French gaming veteran Ubisoft introduced NFTs and received huge backlash on social media last year that they were trying to milk their audience. On the other hand, it is also a promising field precisely because P2E games have emerged as a popular and lucrative means of converting digital collectibles to real-world passive income for users.

The Passionate Champion of NFT Gaming

The problem then lies with building dynamic NFT games that offer users the authentic fun element of gaming combined with a visually engaging means of ushering in NFTs. Luckily, there is Enjin, a company specialising in blockchain technology which is dedicated to making NFTs as accessible and commonplace as smartphones to the public. It was founded in 2009 with co-creator and chief technology officer Witek Radomski who has since headed the tech engineering for them. With over a decade of expertise in software design and security, he shared his opinions on what’s to become of NFT gaming. He believes that game developers need to transcend the boundaries of merely creating a game that lets users earn crypto money.

According to Radomski, the answer to the revival of GameFi lies with NFTs. Gamification of NFTs has the potential to be a mainstream hit for many reasons. He says it can offer users who are perpetually online and publishing content, the power of digital ownership and bestow utility on everything they conceive digitally. Gamifying NFTs will also become popular with niche-based gamers who are looking for innovative games that offer new crypto experiences.

Enjin and its team have been passionate about everything NFT-related for many years. Their famous crypto gaming pursuits includes the eponymous Enjin coin which is Ethereum-based. It was originally meant for games but is now used popularly for trading NFTs and in other related apps. They also launched an exclusive NFT blockchain last year that has futuristic visions. The genius of Efinity is that it was created with Polkadot and promises to be capable of unifying the world to become a free and global digital ecosystem cum economy. The crypto company has spearheaded the gamification of NFTs and is poised to take its next steps that will determine the resurgence of crypto gaming.

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