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Blockchain HR Software Solutions Providing Firm, Was Spotted at the AIBC Event


The firm which is intended towards building a comprehensive ecosystem that involves both finance and HR,, was recently spotted at one of the biggest events related to blockchain and technology, the AIBC Malta event. is motivated to assist companies in reducing or eliminating once and for all, the barriers and hurdles that arise at the time of recruitment and payment process for both the workers and employers. The company aims to do so with the help of blockchain to streamline global access to work and payments.

Being a fintech firm the sole focus of which is to provide HR-based solutions for all the businesses out there, the team behind believes that blockchain technology is the key to unleashing a new and advanced world that will bring with us endless employment opportunities accessible to anyone.

It is to ensure that the opportunities reach the individuals regardless of where they are in the world and make sure that they are paid fairly and without any hassle. Introuces TIME, LaborX, TimeX, and PaymentX

In addition to this, it should be noted that the firm has come up with its own native token named, TIME token, which also has added benefits over the protocols and aim of itself. The users will be able to stake their TIME tokens and earn staking rewards on them.

However, for this to happen, the users are required to lock their TIME token in the TimeWarp smart contract and receive regular rewards. The amount of reward you want to earn depends on the duration of your lock-ups.

Furthermore, it has simplified this process with the introduction of LaborX, Timex, and PaymentX, the goal of which are to connect individuals with work opportunities, to offer centralized and decentralized technologies significant speed, and facilitate one-click transactions respectively.

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