Friday, December 1, 2023

Hundreds of millions of’sleeping Bitcoins’ awoke after BTC’s price peak in mid-November.

Amidst the mass uncertainty regarding the prices and situation of Bitcoin, a lot of people are making sudden moves. Certain experts are hypothesizing that this is the end of the BTC era, and other altcoins will take their place. On the other hand, quite a few experts are advising BTC owners to hold on right and see how the market reacts in 2022. According to them, this trend was quite predictable, and the prices will rise again soon once 2022 rolls in. Amidst this chaos, there has been a peculiar activity noticed by crypto experts.

The Peculiar activity

Quite a few old Bitcoin wallets have been activated in these past months. For instance, wallets with addresses as old as 2013 and 2010 that were dormant have been activated. Now, the thing to notice here is that activation doesn’t mean expenditure. Some BTC tokens have just been transferred to different wallets. On the other hand, it might be possible that other tokens might have been sold off or converted to Fiat currency. These moves, as of now, do not hint accurately at how the market will react in the coming months. It could be a good thing if old BTC is being circulated in the BTC community. This could also be an effort to raise the value of BTC.


In conclusion, these moves are not really conclusive. Some BTC owners might just be changing wallets to avail features that come with new wallet addresses. These benefits come with Segwit addresses that are more secure.

Cryptured Team
Cryptured Team
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