Friday, December 8, 2023

A new hyper-gaming platform is unlocking the potential of NFTs.

Gaming has always been a crucial part of human civilization. The definition of a ‘game’ is quite wide. For instance, from gambling and rugby to a simple quiz, everything can fit under the tag of gaming. After computer technology came in, digital games came into existence. Today, there are games so complex that it can take you weeks to months to understand and properly play them.

With the rise of crypto, there has also been a surge of gaming platforms as well as games based on NFT. They offer rewards in crypto and NFT.


WAM is one such hypercasual gaming platform that has incorporated crypto technology. WAM users will be able to play games on their platform and earn crypto rewards. Moreover, users of WAM will also be able to develop their own games using AI-assisted technologies. With the help of such Artificial Intelligence technologies, they’ll host their own tournaments that will be exclusive to them. Moreover, the crypto rewards will be in flow and will probably be also made use of in those tournaments.

The Perks

This will not only allow the users or gamers on WAM to grow their own network but also trade NFTs. Thus, WAM will not exclusively remain a gaming platform but also a crypto trading platform. This will help bolster the reputation and popularity of cryptocurrencies in the face of increasing resistance from traditional institutions. With regard to games and gamification, the future for crypto and crypto enthusiasts looks bright and exciting.

Cryptured Team
Cryptured Team
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