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Hypercube Was Glimpsed Attending the Malta Based AIBC Summit

In the last few years, the world of cryptocurrencies has been fractured into many different worlds, each one of which had its own relevance. Hypercube thrives on combining the needs of every individual who is interested in the crypto world.

With expertise in many fields like Video, Promo video, explainer video, ICO, Blockchain, Crypto, Tokensale, Explainers, and Promotional videos, Hypercube is a premier motion design agency in the Blockchain space. Based in Alkmaar, North-Holland, Netherlands, Joeri Pross, the founder and executive director of Hypercube, established this in the year 2013. It was seen that they were present at the recently held Malta-based AIBC Summit.

How does Hypercube work?

Hypercube has made many high-end promotional videos and explainer videos for top clients. All thanks to the experience of more than six years. It can present a whole project in just 1 or 2 minutes of video in a way that consists of the most efficient way of portraying the essential details of the project.

Hypercube does not only carry experience in the field of blockchain but AI, IoT, Space, and Nanotech as well. They have built videos for almost 180 projects wrapping diversified topics that raised over $175,000,000.

The traditional ways of marketing can still be working out well for some of the businesses, but Hypercube is a firm believer in staying dynamic with the new paradigm. Visual storytelling catches the eyes of the audience. Hence, the team of more than 20 employees leaves their mark of excellence in every video they create.

The concept of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is quite complicated and it takes time to understand it. This is why Hypercube has come up with the idea of utilizing every inch of technology; explaining and promoting through visual presentation. This clearly implies that blockchain technology has a promising future ahead.

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