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iCryptoWorld Graces Crypto Expo 2022 Event Held in Dubai


iCryptoWorld (iCW) is a utility token based on the strong underlying business of a leading crypto mine based out of Siberia. Recently, the platform attended the Crypto Expo Dubai Event 2022, held in Dubai.

What are digital tokens?

A digital token is an online representation of values or rights that are sold and offered for the purpose of participation in, facilitating access to, or development of a blockchain, distributed ledger, or any other digital data structure. They represent a set amount of digital resources one can own, assign to another, or redeem later. The tokens are either intrinsic or created by software and allocated to some specific utilities.

Who Founded iCW?

In 2017 Aldar Rabdanov and his partners launched one of the largest data processing units for the mining of cryptocurrencies in Siberia. He is the founder and CEO of Digital Asset Management – the General Partner of the iCW platform. As a co-founder of iCryptoWorld, he with his team launched the iCW Token.

Aldar Rabdanov is an international business consultant, goal-oriented, ambitious, a champion of sustainable solutions, and an international speaker with experience in Blockchain, DeFi, and Asset Tokenization.

Furthermore, he is a prominent investor in the fields of water purification, renewable energy, and environmental protection technologies. He has also made immense contributions to preserving the lake of Baikal.

He is a progress-driven planner, proficient at building and retaining high-performing teams. At iCryptoWorld, he has come up with a complete business plan, improved performances, and profits, and excels in training, motivating, and mentoring teams by setting ambitious goals.

What is the iCW token?

The iCW token is a utility crypto-asset built on the underlying crypto mine iCryptoWorld (iCW), which has been successfully operating since 2015. Moreover, the digital token is perhaps the first one to recognize the need for crypto assets to be more eco-friendly.

Moreover, a portion of the proceeds from the iCW token offering is set to go towards environmental protection initiatives that lie not just in the Lake Baikal region, where the mine is based, but also in other geographical locations such as India, Dubai, China, Europe, and elsewhere.

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