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iHodlelife Makes AIBC Summit Toronto Crypto-Fashion.

According to Forbes, Toronto’s growing importance in venture capital, deep tech, and innovation makes it a natural home for AIBC’s pioneers. Because Canada is one of the leading countries in the future industry, Toronto was an easy choice for them.

Because it was a nexus for the world’s leading specialists in legislation, policymaking, technical development, and cutting-edge research, the AIBC Americas Expo was a haven for many investors and entrepreneurs seeking to ride the wave of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. The appearance of iHodlelife this year was the cherry on top.

iHodlelife Is the Best Place to Get Crypto Fashion

Are you ready for the blockchain and cryptocurrency revolution? Is your company prepared?

IHodlLife’s new digital smart wallets with QR scan and NFC tap technologies let you take your bitcoin out into the real world or the meta world and materialize it just like a debit or credit card. This time, though, no intermediaries are required.

Consumers can now have true financial custody in the palm of their hands.

When making a transaction, the built-in military vault-grade security will give you peace of mind. The stunning 2.8″ color touchscreen display elevates the user experience to new heights of convenience. It’s so simple to operate that even a child or the elderly could accomplish it.

They are committed to connecting customers with a reputable group of crypto and blockchain-ready companies. Businesses that accept cryptocurrency for their products and/or services, both online and offline

An ecosystem of benefits and services

It can be time-consuming to search the internet for firms that are up-to-date and crypto-ready. It appears impossible to determine who accepts crypto payments and who does not.

You can now locate all of those businesses in one place, and those businesses can now find you, thanks to the IHodlLife ecosystem! Businesses now have access to billions of dollars in cryptocurrency holdings.

We will soon be able to interact in person without ever leaving our houses thanks to the metaverse. Of course, in whichever avatar we choose.

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