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The Founder’s new company, IKIGAI Ventures was present at the Malta AIBC Summit

In recent years, Eman Pulis has established an outsized presence in the tech investment world, earning a reputation for recognizing trends in emerging technology.

Pulis’ new endeavor is Ikigai Ventures, a seed-stage venture financing firm established in Luxembourg that is dedicated to promoting innovative ideas around the world.

The founder of AIBC, Eman Pulis, had to be present at the AIBC Malta Summit but guess what? His recent startup Ikigai Ventures, was also spotted at the event.

Currently, the company is more inclined towards showing its efforts on verticals like gaming (paid games and free-to-play games), betting, e-sports, blockchain, fintech, AI, and other frontier technologies.

The fund is of the hope that these verticals will absorb more venture capital possibilities in the future and that now is the moment to start showing some belief in them.

Working of IKIGAI Ventures Explained Further

Eman Pulis has mentioned multiple times that he has been blessed with investors and entrepreneurs who carry the same interest as him—furthermore making it easier for him to take steps in this direction.

As a matter of fact, more than half of the funds have already been pledged, and the Ikigai Ventures fund will begin investing in the first quarter of the year 2022.

This venture is joined by limited partners who are a group of top European tech founders, investors, and collectives that have established and scaled some of Europe’s most successful firms in these areas.

The success of this venture is a sure thing with great investors like they have. It should be noted that the same VC Fund has been designated to a group of worldwide experienced capitalists and industry specialists with multiple exits.

The fund’s annual general meeting will bring together all of the fund’s investors once a year during Malta Week. This is why the Ikigai Venture made its presence felt at the AIBC Malta Summit.

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