Thursday, April 18, 2024

Illustrator of Iron Man, Avengers and Spider-Man Set to Work in Web3.

Sean Chen, the illustrator of Marvel comics Iron Man, Avengers, and Spider-Man, is set to have his work leveraged on Web3. He is working on a new NFT-driven comic book series called Genesis with the help of 247 Comics – a Web3 startup. Chen will also be the writer.

Genesis’ storyline surrounds an Asian-American scientist Lucas Zhang and his daughter. The main characters are troubled by robotics, massive corporations, militarism, and immortality. It includes biting allusions to Disney. The story has a mix of dark humor and sci-fi action backed by characters that Chen has created himself. The first issue offers a variety of vignettes to set up the world.

There are gritty military scenes of giant robots with remote human operators put up against the pastel theme park of Bobo World – a cheery place on the surface that offers darker experiences for adults. Chen will give Ethereum NFTs of the work’s characters. He wants to provide readers with a new sense of ownership and fandom in the digital age. The team has released one of the characters, Bobo – a giant gorilla, as a fractionalized NFT. It is an early-access pass to selected 247 Comics content.

So far, the Biplane Bobo NFTs have recorded over 553 ETH – worth nearly $900,000. There are plans for more characters to be transformed into NFTs.

All for the test.

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