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iME Messenger Was Spotted at the AIBC Summit 2022 Event

iME Messenger and crypto wallet recently showed up at the AIBC Summit 2022 Event, which was held in Dubai. A platform for intelligent DeFi and AI Telegram API is used in conjunction with a non-custodial Crypto Wallet.

Concerning the project

Alternative Telegram client with extensive features, as well as DeFi and AI tools.

iMe enhances the official client’s features and develops proprietary technologies that are made available to users all over the world.

The Telegram messenger’s system would make iMe an appealing and easy platform for both regular as well as professional users due to the low entry hurdle into the Cryptocurrency and Artificial Intelligence industries.

iMe Ecosystem & Lime Token

LIME by iMe Lab is the platform’s utility coin, with smart contracts built on Ethereum and BNB Chain. The native LIME coin is the foundation of the iMe platform, which is used to develop a variety of services. By promoting and popularising the DeFi toolset, iMe builds a DAO-structured ecosystem with the widespread use of LIME.

DeFi & Crypto Wallet

Users only have access to non-custodial wallets and DeFi tools.

For Ethereum as well as Binance Smart Chain accounts, users may store, buy, swap, and transfer cryptocurrencies.

Transact in real-time in chats, using the Telegram ID, public addresses, or a QR code.

With Binance Pay’s associated Pay ID, users may request payments and make transfers immediately and without costs.

Users can avoid wasting their assets by using the created staking and farming methods.


A neurobot is indeed a user dataset that has been trained by an algorithm on a Neural Network with certification and that undeniably as well as irrefutably belongs to the author based on the unique NFT token ownership rights.

Create smart and helpful neurobots for personal collection and use, or sell them to benefit the community on the iMe AI marketplace.

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