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Immersive cooling technology would make Bitcoin mining green by 2030


Immersive cooling technology would make Bitcoin mining green by 2030

One of the major arguments against cryptocurrencies is that the mining process consumes too much energy. While it is true to a great extent, crypto-related transactions have often come under attack for this charge. When China banned all crypto-related transactions, they cited environmental reasons as one of the main factors.

The problem does exist since crypto mining requires immense computational capabilities. To run these complex mechanisms, a lot of electrical power is needed. There have been many proposed solutions to this problem. One Senator from the United States suggested using natural gas to power cryptocurrency mining in Texas. On the other hand, business owners in New York have written to the mayor to stop crypto mining projects in the city as it would upset their carbon emission goals. While the problem has existed until now as a necessary evil, things are slowly changing with Ethereum 2.0 and other innovations.

One such innovation is the idea of immersive cooling technology. Under this mechanism, Bitcoin mining ASICs would be submerged in a special cooling liquid. The fluid would have the capability to recycle and reuse the energy from the data centers. Riot Blockchain is set to be the first Bitcoin mining company to make use of immersive cooling technology. If the idea is put to practice, Bitcoin mining can become 100% green by 2024, according to leading industry experts. Hass McCook, a notable member of the Bitcoin Mining Council, is not very optimistic about a short time frame but believes that it can become 100% green in the long run.

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