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ImpactXP Attends Dubai Crypto Expo Event 2022

ImpactXP is a community-driven platform that aims at empowering the rise of the Impactor, someone who seeks to drive positive change in their world. Whether your passions lie in Finance, the Environment, or your local Community, Impactors are empowered to leave their mark. In the recent past, the platform graced the Crypto Expo Dubai Event 2022, held in Dubai.

It should be noted that this event is considered one of the most noteworthy and prominent events in the field of blockchain and crypto technology.

After the perseverance and resolve shown by the Impactors, ImpactXP’s story resembles that of a phoenix rising from the ashes of its previous rebirths.

Learning More About ImpactXP

To bridge the gap between renewable energy and cryptocurrency, the ImpactXP token was launched on November 24th, 2021 as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network after rebirth. It offers investors security and fair gaming rewards. Moreover, the Impactors are positioned to rise and accomplish whatever they set their minds to.

The adept team at ImpactXP works towards revolutionizing the Cryptosphere by using government-backed renewable energy contracts. The token also aims at bringing back the trust of investors via IMPACTOR MarketCap (IMC) and integrating its Play 2 Earn (P2E) game into Metaverse in the later stages.

One can buy ImpactXP on Uniswap, a decentralized exchange, by using self-custody crypto wallets like Coinbase or Metamask wallet applications. Apart from that, the token is also available on platforms such as LBank, XT, Hotbit, and Bitmart.

Talking about the reflections, there is a three percent tax on all transactions redistributed to the holders that depend on the percentage of their holdings. In simpler terms, the more tokens you hold, the more reflections you get. These are called reflections, and they help you earn for free and allow you to gain passive income.

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