Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Improved Ebox to Offer More User-Friendly Solutions to DeFi Users

The ecosystem of blockchain remains in its infancy but the new technology does not mean new innovations are not taking place in this sector. Several unique ideas have come up in recent times. One of those is DeFi or decentralized finance which has evolved into a large ecosystem of its own. DeFi has been going through constant improvements. Ebox is one such solution that is proving useful for the DeFi users.

Customized Innovations

Ebox was launched after lots of research and understanding the needs of different blockchain users. Launched in early 2021, the platform has grown and now provides reliable services. It brings simple features, usability and innovations for the users and businesses. The idea behind it is simple: create solutions to make crypto more accessible and secure.

Core Applications

It comes with several applications. On-chain escrow is its flagship product that prevents fund loss for the blockchain users. The problem is caused by human errors like mistyped or wrong wallet addresses. Ebox escrow solves this problem completely by allowing the user to revert or cancel transactions even after the amount has been sent. OTC trading is another feature useful for the users of blockchain. Currently, they have very few options to trade with each other directly, leaving room for scams and other issues. The OTC trading of Ebox solves this problem by enabling users to ask for funds from other users.

Ebox since its inception has grown a lot. It is offering more than what it had planned when it launched. It has been rebranded with an improved website, a logo, and some technological improvements including the concept of “Safe Sending”.

Cryptured Team
Cryptured Team
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