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In 2021, CropBytes in-game CBX holders saw an increase of 8900 percent, and the roadmap for 2022 seems optimistic.

In January 2021, players had invested in CropBytes. Today, they found their portfolio increasing by 8900%. It’s not too late yet, to be a part of the industry related to Crypto gaming, which seems to be performing really well. The CropBytes metaverse is leading the revolution when it comes to crypto gaming, and they have also crafted a gaming economy well.

The CBX token was first launched in November of 2021. CropBytes has more than 95,394 holders of CBX. The game also receives a volume every month of 30-35 million. The help of the right strategy, as well as the power of crypto technology, enables players to farm as well as earn money. They can do so within the game world virtually.

CropBytes: What is it?

CropBytes is a simulation game related to firms and was first launched in 2018. Over the years, CropBytes has emerged as an immersive gaming experience related to crypto. The game has racked up over 400,000 downloads organically.

The game is available for download on both Apple Store as well as Google Play Store for both Android, as well iOS users. It is available for download on the internet as well.

CropBytes in 2022

From the beginning of 2021, asset markers related to CropBytes are performing well. More features were recently adopted, exciting the gaming community. Staking as well as trading events are going well as well. The roadmap for the upcoming year has already been published, which includes tokenization and lending.

The roadmap for 2022 is also focused on developing guild economy, where players begin the game using the concept of proof of game.

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