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In 2021, the number of crypto job postings on LinkedIn increased by 395 percent

Crypto prices are not the only numbers that have gone up significantly in 2021. Despite a year-end with a slump in the market, the performance of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies across 2021 was very good. With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and their increasing use cases, the number of firms looking for blockchain and crypto experts is also on the rise. A recent stat shows that job listings on LinkedIn for various crypto-related positions increased by a whopping 395% in 2021. The crypto sector is also one of the highest-paying sectors. Many people from traditional AMCs have changed jobs to join crypto firms and startups. In South Korea, the phenomenon became so concerning that the government had to look into the matter. However, many people are skeptical about the sustainability of such jobs and wonder whether they’ll be viable in the future.

In a recent news post, LinkedIn claimed that job postings with words like cryptocurrency, blockchain, and DeFi increased by 395% over the course of 2021. While tech and software jobs still rule the market, there has been a considerable rise in accounting and different financial jobs.

The job market seems to be prosperous for those who have the skill and the knowledge to leverage technology to their advantage. However, the volatility of cryptocurrencies poses a threat here as well. What will happen to thousands of employees if even one of these firms shut down is still not clear. As of now, there seems to be no such threat in the market.

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