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In a public auction of the first half of Alpies NFT collection, Alpaca Finance raised $3.6 million

Alpies is a collection of NFT on both BSC and Ethereum that includes ten thousand NFT Avatars. They will be playable characters in a forthcoming meta-verse and gaming platform by Alpaca Finance. The collection is made up of two groups of five thousand alpies that were sold in 2 halves, on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. They are bridgeable between the two blockchains.

On Binance Smart Chain, Alpaca held a Dutch auction for the Alpies sale. As it started to hit the reserve price, it was bought momentarily. The auction earned a total of 3.6 million dollars in Binance Coin, with the average sale price being 1.42 BNB. This was greatly hyped up in the crypto community.

The holders of Alpies will not be allowed to see the design of the non-fungible tokens until the completion of the next Ethereum sale. This demonstrates how much interest there was in this series. This is even though all the NFTs are yet to be unveiled.

Alpaca had previously announced that the final five thousand Alpies would be available for purchase on 2nd November at UTC 14:00 via Ethereum. Through a very oversubscribed whitelist lottery, over a thousand tickets have already been purchased beforehand.

Alpies NFT holders will be eligible for special perks such as:

i. a pre-sale allotment of Alpaca’s future GameFi tokens

ii. 50% additional maximum leverage on the farming platform

iii. Early access to games by Alpaca, et al.

The Alpies selling out is a key milestone for the Alpaca ecosystem since it works to bridge the gaps between network financial technologies and decentralized finance. Alpaca was one of the first franchises on BSC to garner attention through non-fungible tokens, having seen through major milestones in the NFT space. Those included more than fifty NFT campaigns using NFTs in the world of POAPs, the creation of the first-ever NFT animated short story series, NFT farming and authentication.

What you need to know about Alpaca Finance:

According to Defistation, Alpaca Finance is a leading DeFi protocol on BSC, with about a billion dollars in total value locked on its credit facility. It specializes in high asset utilization, offering a stable and safe environment for creditors. It gives borrowers leveraged return farming positions through collateralized loans, significantly expanding their earnings and useable capital.

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