Tuesday, November 28, 2023

In addition, X2Y2 outperforms OpenSea and Yuga Labs breaks the silent.

In the past week, X2Y2 managed to sell NFTs worth $144.16 million in comparison to OpenSea’s sale of $117.64 million. Meanwhile, Crawley Town FC is ready to release a third tokenized kit.

Yuga Labs have been blamed for incorporating Nazi and alt-right imagery in their BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club) NFT (nonfungible token) collection. According to critics, you can see this imagery in the branding and artwork of the NFT collection. This became a popular crypto conspiracy theory.

On June 20, Philion, a YouTuber, released a video going through evidence of artist Ryder Ripps’ initial compilation.

Yuga Labs Clears Rumors and Conspiracies

Gordon Goner, co-founder of Yuga Labs, decided to clear all urban legends once and for all. The company took notice of the issue when their favorite podcaster began discussing the crypto conspiracy theory.

Goner said the reason they have not given a detailed reaction is that the allegations are too exaggerated to be responded to. No decent explanation will suffice for something so far-fetched.

The team at Yuga Labs was taken aback when their favorite podcaster brought up the topic in their show. This prompted the team to finally speak on the issue.

What were the Conspiracy Allegations

According to Ryder Ripps, the BAYC NFT collection incorporated racist caricatures of black and Asian people. In addition, the branding and logo look clearly inspired by Nazi language and symbolism.

The team at Yuga Labs did not address all the allegations. It clarified the use of ape imagery in BAYC as a nod to crypto degens. There is nothing racist about it. But their lack of a detailed response did not convince many in the crypto community.

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