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In Dubai, the Superverse Web3 summit, which will address Metaverses, NFTs, and SocialFi.


In a recent Web3 summit that covered topics like SocialFo and NFTs, it was interesting to see the growing interest of people in such new-age technology. Not only that, the first-ever summit of this kind in Dubai had performances and other spectacles too.

The core topics of monetization and Metaverse were discussed at length and how societal changes will happen with that too. It will soon be a creator economy and how immersive brand action is the need of the hour.

Vingroup and VinFast two of the Vietnamese organization along with Superverse, are set to provide holographic activation for the creators. This will give them new avenues to explore and expand upon. SolChicks has also partnered with Superverse and seeks to tell people more about its Solana earning game.

With people from a diverse crowd now onboard the event has been a success and more and more people are getting into these. The event had a full day of keynotes and panels that addressed the new age DeFi. The panel speakers also talked about how these new-age technologies will define the world going forward. On top of that, how brands can take advantage of this and become early adopters.

The luck favors the bold and early adopters of these will be rewarded in the future when people start coming on board. Most countries have already started accepting these new technologies and are working on revising old laws to make changes for the future.

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