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In less than two weeks, a new play-to-earn game generates $2 million in NFT sales.

A Game with NFTs

LitCraft Nysperience game looks like a mix of Pokémon, Candy Crush and Minecraft. This fantasy universe is offering NFTs (non fungible token) to the players for a limited time. It offers two NFTs, namely Epic Genesis Land Lot and Epic Genesis LitPets. They are being offered only during the initial event launching period. The company is offering 19,500 Land Lots and 5000 LitPets NFTs. The sale started at the start of October and can be checked at

Secure Blockchain Technology

Players of NYsperience can earn real values by competing against other players, developing in-game items, playing popular games inside it, and initiating virtual enterprises. There is no cost to start playing this game, so anyone can start earning immediately. All assets are recorded in the NFT form, making it a safe and secure system under blockchain technology. It is backed by Devvio’s fast and scalable DevvX platform that carries more than 8 million transactions every second. The technology of this platform is being used in a variety of applications. It is more energy-efficient compared to what Bitcoin systems consume.

Earning Potential

Players can develop complex items while playing mini-games. They can earn real values by launching and operating businesses that improve the in-game economy. Players can create their own team and compete against other teams. Competitive teams earn higher profits. Businesses with unique and valuable NFTs are more profitable. More than 236 LitPets are available. They make battle competitive and improve business prospects, which in turn increase earning potential of the players. Its Heptals are something that a player can earn in both winning and losing conditions.

Cryptured Team
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