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In November, the value of Bitcoin (BTC) investment goods fell.

As is all over the news, November was not a good month for Bitcoin. Its goods or the assets under management fell by almost 10 percent. Moreover, its rival altcoin ETH was up by 16 percent in terms of AUM. The drop that BTC faced was the biggest since July. All in all, everyone who owned BTC was a bit scared about its future. Things seem uncertain for BTC owners, yet the experts think that this phase is temporary. Their opinions are based on the trends around BTC and other altcoins ever since crypto became a thing. Moreover, the reputation and name of Bitcoin will never let it go down in value like it was nothing.

The Details

The BTC goods fell a lot, while ETH goods reached a new height. However, the point that is to be noted is that ETH is still under BTC. This is one indication of how big Bitcoin is, and how it will probably never fail up to a large extent. It is also an indication of the fact that its value cannot fluctuate as violently as of Shiba Inu. For anyone who might be new to crypto, BTC is one of the safer options to consider.

The Future

It might be possible that ETH will overcome BTC in the future. However, that is quite unlikely. Even if it does, BTC will still remain one of the giants in the crypto industry. It’s not going anywhere anytime soon, and BTC holders are safe if they hold on.

Cryptured Team
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