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In Q2, BlockFi has $1.8B in unpaid loans.

BlockFi, a digital asset lender, recently revealed its risk exposure status and total outstanding loans towards the end of the Q2 (Quarter two), 2022. Additionally, the loan firm spoke about its coping strategies for credit risk and liquidity management.

At the end of Q2 BlockFi owes $1.8 billion to retail traders and institutional investors. On top of that, the centralized digital asset company has net exposure worth $600 million.

The Transparency Report, Q2 2022

BlockFi disclosed its outstanding debts through a transparency report, outlining its credit and liquidity risks. Furthermore, the disclosure also talks about BlockFi’s retail and institutional debt status. Around $600 million from the total loan of $1.8 billion is uncollateralized. Institutional debt amounts to $1.5 billion while $300 million is due as retail loan.

The BTC (Bitcoin) price of $19,986 was used as a point of reference to estimate BlockFi’s loan and holding amounts. The crypto lending firm has also reassured traders of maintaining strict guidelines to get through the situation. BlockFi will resume its principle activities, including trading and borrowing.

BlockFi’s Guidelines

As per the guidelines, BlockFi will possess at least 10 per cent of the due amount. The inventory demand will allow BlockFi to return its clients their respective shares.

BlockFi would also claim 50 per cent of debt funds which are retrievable. Clients will receive these funds within a week. 90 per cent of client loans upon demand will go to BlockFi as well. These loans can be a part of inventory or can be returned within a year.

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