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In ten months, a single-strategy crypto program turned $100 into $36,205


A simple strategy, recently, provided investors with unprecedented, outsized returns. However, this strategy, although simple, cannot be copied. No human or even a trading bot can replicate the strategy. The exchange fee alone would be prohibitive for most crypto traders.

How does this work?

It is based on a VORTECS score – which is an algorithmic assessment of a crypto asset’s bullish or bearing trading value. The value of score is calculated based on the historical data of the coin or token. The score looks for conditions similar to those observed currently.

The score looks out for similarities and differences in trading value, price variations, sentiment and even the number of tweets for/against the asset.

In case similarities are observed, it assesses as to what happened next. Did the value of the asset rise or fall? The magnitude of the rise/fall? The consistency of the movement?

All these data points taken together, a VORTECS score is generated. The score is a dynamic, continuously updated assessment of the present trading conditions. A higher score indicates a bullish sentiment and a higher confidence of the algorithm. In the opposite scenario, the sentiment is bearish with the same high level of confidence. A neutral score of 50 indicates that the algorithm detects no correlation between current conditions and the past performance on price.

VORTECS score has been tested and proven to have a correlation to the price appreciation. It is not infallible for every asset and in every instance. But the testing done over a 10-month period makes for a convincing case.

Essentially, the VORTECS score is a method of learning from history. The VORTECS score tells us if we are looking at the right history. Hence the importance of a hypothetical return of 36,205%.

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