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In the NFT space, Legionfarm is revolutionising pay-to-earn esports.

Ever since the evolution and growth of the crypto market, there is something new to look forward to. NFTs are making great strides and evolving to include art and sports. Harnessing this momentum, LegionFarm has introduced a new concept – pay-to-earn esports.

Introducing LegionFarm

Legion Farm is an up-and-coming community with 500o active members called guild masters and also pro players of all kinds of games. These games include ones related to the metaverse, NFT, and AAA-rated video games. All of these players help other gamers (60,000+) by providing companionship, yield farming, coaching, and lots more. All who are part of this community are very highly ranked players. Once anyone joins, a player can pick up skills and become ultra-skilled too.

The goal is to help release Metaverse’s true potential with the help of funds from NFT sales first and royalties next. LF’s decentralized autonomous organization or DAO has the responsibility to create at least a million jobs in Metaverse by investing in scholarships. These scholarships are meant for AAA title pros and NFT related games.

LegionFarm is planning to release 3000 boxes with their NFTs starting January 27th. Another 1000 boxes will be airdropped after minting. What does a box contain? It will have one NFT randomly picked from the entire collection of 10,000. The reveal to the public process is set for February 15th. A smart contract will automate the NFT exchange. The balance – 6000 boxes will be released and sold over 2022. To become the best, play with and against the best.

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