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Innovation Factory Graces Crypto Expo Event 2022 in Dubai

Innovation Factory is an innovative financial solutions provider actively participating in designing ecosystems and entire financial protocols that will shape the future of digital finances and the economy. In the recent past, the firm attended the Crypto Expo Dubai Event 2022, held in Dubai.

It should be noted that this event is considered one of the most noteworthy and prominent events in the blockchain field and crypto technology.

What does Innovation Factory have to offer?

Innovation Factory has developed BFIC Mainnet, a Third Generation Blockchain based on the most advanced architecture ever witnessed by the industry. Its Blockchain model feeds the purpose of security, speed as well as scalability. In addition to this, it should be noted that the firm will soon be deploying the Mainnet to support its upcoming Defi projects.

The firm also provides decentralized financial solutions, moving towards a decentralized world with minimal central authority and utmost transparency. The majority of Innovation Factory’s projects revolve around the same approach. Once deployed, these financial models will continue to operate as is, without any interference or infiltration risks.

The future of Finance & Economy is heading towards decentralization. Along with the DeFI & Blockchain solutions, Innovation Factory is working on generating a decentralized exchange (DEX) to allow NFT Trading, Spot Trading & Future Trading. As the Crypto and NFT markets grow their integration, DEX solutions will become the rising need of the industry.

Innovation Factory also offers trade insurance. Talking about which, the digital ecosystem supports all sorts of financial trade with the lack of insurance solutions making it risky. The firm has developed a Crypto Trade Insurance Platform helping investors & traders in securing their finances and avoiding complete liquidation. Moreover, the Insurance platform is set to go live soon.

Some other features of Innovative Factory include NFT Solutions, Crypto Commerce, Crypto Bonds, and DApp & Smart Contracts.

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