Friday, December 8, 2023

Inside the minds of blockchain developers: Creating a social DApp that is free to use.

Why decentralized apps are not becoming mainstream? What limitations are stopping their wider adoption, and can anyone make free decentralized applications?

Any user planning to use such an app will first need an account. A fee cannot be charged at this stage or the person will have a negative user experience. The goal is to maximize virality and minimize friction so this is not the time to ask for a payment to access the account and its features. However, if the developer is unable to recover the creation cost, it will increase the development cost.

BTC and ETH have been able to solve this problem to an extent. They let a user create an address without paying anything. If the idea is to avoid both the user and the developer paying any charge upfront, a blockchain system with account addresses are needed.

Both have to use a decentralized system and use its computer’s resources if they want to do something with the new app. It will have a real cost that must be paid by someone. Rather than focus on the initial fee, an alternative is needed.

It can be done not by taking tokens from them but by removing their ability to use the tokens for a fixed period of time. That way, they can use the blockchain without giving away the tokens.

Once that period is over, they will use the blockchain setup more. It means they do not have to buy the tokens constantly to keep using the app they like. It will maximize growth and retain the user longer.

Decentralized application developers are coming up with such innovative solutions to onboard more users, remove onboarding hesitation, and achieve other app goals.

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