Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Intel has released the 2nd-generation Bonanza Mine chip for Bitcoin mining.

Intel is the world’s leading chip manufacturer. The firm recently announced that it has developed a new second generation mining chip. The firm has not formally announced the exact date of the launch. The firm has also not revealed the requirements of the technical set up for the new chip. The aim of the new capability being to increase the efficiency of bitcoin mining. Intel revealed that the new specialized mining chip will be tied to a 3600 W miner.

Intel Announcement

The announcement from Intel came during the IEEE organized conference on solid-state circuits (ISSCC). The conference was organized recently in 2022 and is a conference of special interest to the electronics and chip manufacturing world.

Intel revealed that the chip Bonanza Mine (BMZ2) can deliver a performance of 40TH/s. The chip has been designed to be an extremely low-voltage and highly energy-efficient chip.

Trade magazines had reported sometime back that Intel had filed a patent for a chip specialized for bitcoin mining delivering high performance. The chip was to help reduce mining power consumption by up to 15%.

There are already several established players in the manufacture of chips for bitcoin mining. Intel at the time of patent filing had expressed confidence that its new chip will be able take on the established players.

The architecture of the new-generation chips will not differ from the first-generation chips (BMZ1). In this architecture around 330 chips will be powered by a 3600W miner. This configuration will deliver a performance of 40TH/s.

The energy consumption of BMZ2 will be 56.97 joules per terahash which is better than the rival chips.

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