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For interactive entertainment inspired by Indian culture and mythology, the platform blends Web 3.0 gaming with DeFi.

NFTs or Non Fungible Tokens are the buzzes of the current era. All the new-age investors and the members of the digital age are moving towards NFTs. With the addition of many mega-companies and brands in the metaverse, NFTs have gained a lot more value. Although, it is still a small segment of the total population that is actively engaging in NFTs. Due to this specific niche audience, companies and NFT creators might have issues – but maybe all this is going to change.

Indian Mythology and Zionverse

Zionverse has taken a step ahead in this virtual world with its connection with Indian Mythology. The majority of the content in the Zionverse is in relation to Indian mythology, primarily centering around Goddess Lakshmi. This is not just an idea – rather a proven hypothesis. The platform had 5555 NFTs of Goddess Lakshami – all of them sold out in a matter of days. This only reinstates the idea of combining Indian mythology with virtual reality.

DeFi and Zionverse

Zionverse isn’t limiting to just NFTs here – it is working upon a truly decentralized gaming system. A means to have 3D access to the culture and heritage of the country through the most advanced technology. The other aspect is DeFi (Decentralized Finance) which was also evident through the sale of the Goddess NFTs. TheZionverse will have different means for the same.

This idea is being supported by many prominent Indian faces like Akshat Srinivasa, Ranveer Allahbadia, and more. This brings credibility and hopes to switch to a more virtual world with all the components of our heritage and culture.

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