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Decentralized Company and International Prepaid Card Provider WageCan Exhibits at the CED2021


Being the first international prepaid card provider since the year 2014, WageCan has extended support to the e-residency of Estonia in the EU since the year 2016.

Most recently, the digital asset management platform was spotted at one of the biggest crypto events in the field of blockchain and crypto, the CED2021 (Crypto Expo Dubai 2021).

Following the footsteps of blockchain technology, WageCan, being a decentralized firm, is allowing its customer service team to operate from anywhere in the world to support customers 24×7. As part of the expansion strategies of the firm, WageCan is dedicated to providing support and innovation for leading asset management with improvised security, payment flexibility, and low transaction costs.

WageCan is not just restricted to providing only one service, it provides management, investment, and loans, along with issuing prepaid cards. Also, the firm has reportedly partnered with Link Node, Luxpin, Cybavo, and ExpressMinds.

Exclusive Features Offered by WageCan

Unlike other ordinary wallets available in the market, the upgraded wallet offered by WageCan is capable of supporting withdrawal to the prepaid card of a partner. In addition to this, it should be noted that being the first firm of its kind, the firm is effectively addressing issues related to digital asset payroll, trading, and payment by providing digital wallets. Discussing further the security details of the platform, we can lay an emphasis on the fact that it is being built on the top of blockchain technology, and hence, it is secure.

Moreover, the decentralized company is dedicated to providing its clients with trustworthy services and remaining accountable for growth via its intentions to widen its existing user base. While being at the crypto event, WageCan was enthusiastic in spreading awareness related to their Wiser Card and were explaining the benefits and features of their card to booth visitors.

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