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Interoperability Could Potentially Be Backbone of Everything: Thomas Webb.


Thomas Webb, the founder of the interoperable avatar game Worldwide Webb, believes interoperability could be the backbone of everything. During a discussion about the integration of interoperability in Web3 and the Metaverse on NFT Steez, he said e-commerce, creative experiences, and even concepts like identity and self-sovereignty will be impacted by the concept of interoperability.

Interoperability is described as a feature of Web3 whereby a product or system can work seamlessly across platforms with other products and services. It’s simple as creating a token as no one but its creator can control it at its most basic level. Webb highlighted the creativity seen in NFT communities and brands. He said enabling the creation of intellectual property (IP) allows users to display their loyalty and their achievement as well. Users can get closer to authentic experiences via interoperability by using the token they hold as an access pass to attend events and receive perks. It enables brands to cross-collaborate, reach the users and create a proliferation of value – infinite value.

Webb believes the more transparent and data-driven platforms can be, will bring about more collaboration and engagement across tech companies. But there is also the inevitable risk and challenges associated with creating a standard that suits all countries. Webb said the presence of centralized regulatory bodies could continue to inhibit experimentation and growth.

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