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Interview: What You Need to Know about Cardano (ADA) in 2022

SINGAPORE, Jan 20, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – 2021 was a huge year for the cryptocurrency market, with huge strides in growth and adoption of digital assets, NFTs, and blockchain worldwide. It was also an incredible year for Moonstake as we rose to the top rankings of global staking providers, reaching total staking assets of $1.8 billion thanks to the support of our users and partners worldwide. As we begin the new year 2022, Moonstake as well as our strategic blockchain partners have many exciting news and programs in store for you as our platforms scale and evolve. To welcome our user community into the exciting new year, we’re creating a series of articles in collaboration with our strategic partners on what you need to know about them in the year 2022, starting with Cardano (ADA).

Since August 2020, Moonstake has been a strong staking provider for ADA staking, Cardano’s native cryptocurrency, as a strategic partner of EMURGO, the official commercial arm of Cardano. Recently, the group leading Moonstake’s development, Infinity Blockchain Group, was acquired by EMURGO to strengthen EMURGO’s strategic resources & accelerate research into the interoperability of Cardano with other blockchains.

As for Cardano, last year the blockchain underwent tremendous development updates and accomplished many great milestones. The network became fully community-governed and operated in April and launched public support of smart contracts and thus, DeFi applications in September with the launch of Plutus and the gradual rollout of the Alonzo update. In this article, we will be interviewing our partner EMURGO about what is in store for the Cardano ecosystem and its user community in 2022.

Q1 Which 2021 achievements are you the most proud of?

As mentioned, 2021 was a tremendous year for EMURGO and the Cardano ecosystem, with highlights such as the successful rollout of smart contracts to Cardano’s network, a big increase in Yoroi Wallet adoption, and plans to release new EMURGO products such as Yoroi’s dApp Connector which will greatly facilitate Cardano ADA user interaction with Cardano ecosystem dApps such as DeFi and NFTs.

In particular, EMURGO is proud of establishing a $100 million Cardano ecosystem investment vehicle comprising two entities – EMURGO Ventures and EMURGO Africa – to invest into the early startup and growth-stage companies that will build Cardano-based solutions.

EMURGO Ventures focuses on developed markets outside of Africa to facilitate the building of solutions and services on Cardano with seed investments into a variety of Cardano-focused startups and middleware solutions companies, including those building decentralized financial services (DeFi), non-fungible token (NFT) projects, blockchain developer education tools, and other decentralized applications.

EMURGO Africa’s goal on the other hand is to ultimately support more than three hundred African startups through seed funding and incubation and have Cardano’s blockchain adopted as the technological platform standard in Africa for socially impactful solutions. For its launch to achieve this goal, EMURGO Africa partnered with Adanian Labs, a successful venture building studio operator in Africa, to support impact-driven startups expanding the Cardano ecosystem across the continent; and Adaverse, a Cardano-focused joint accelerator program in Africa.

EMURGO’s new Cardano investment vehicle will greatly enhance and support the development of socially impactful solutions utilizing Cardano’s green blockchain technology, ultimately providing benefits to both developers and society.

For more information, please feel free to reach out to

Q2 What measures are you going to take in 2022 to further increase the adoption of Cardano?

EMURGO has many exciting things in store for 2022, including the official release of Yoroi’s dApp Connector, and more cool features for Yoroi to enrich the Cardano ADA user experience in a rapidly expanding Cardano dApp ecosystem.

We are also highly looking forward to cultivating the Cardano NFT ecosystem and community with the launch of our own Cardano-based NFT marketplace, Fiborite, scheduled to come soon in early 2022.

Artists and musicians are encouraged to pre-register for the launch of Fiborite by going to the official site here ( and follow Fiborite on Twitter at @FiboNFT.

As a founding entity of the Cardano blockchain, EMURGO’s Cardano NFT marketplace Fiborite is uniquely positioned to offer the Cardano community and global artists the chance to easily mint, buy, and sell NFTs using Cardano ADA directly on the marketplace. Those unfamiliar with NFTs will be able to easily use Fiborite’s simple and user-intuitive UX to either mint, buy, or sell NFTs of their choosing.

Additionally in 2022, EMURGO will also provide DeFi services built on Cardano directly through Astarter, including decentralized exchange (DEX), IDO launchpad for token projects building on Cardano, and more to come. This will provide more liquidity and utility for Cardano ADA users and make it easier for projects to utilize Cardano.

Q3 What can users expect from Cardano in 2022?

Users can expect Cardano to continue its consistent development with new dApps and technical upgrades now that Cardano has become fully decentralized with staking rewards given and smart contracts supported. Cardano is also looking to introduce Layer-2 scaling solutions such as Hydra to increase throughput and allow easier mainstream adoption of Cardano’s scalable, sustainable, and interoperable third-generation blockchain. Users can follow Cardano’s development roadmap with status updates at EMURGO will also continue to support the development of Cardano’s ecosystem through solutions development, Yoroi Wallet feature upgrades, developer education courses, and investments. Please follow EMURGO on Twitter @emurgo_io to always receive the latest news.

Moonstake is proud to be a strategic partner of EMURGO and the Cardano blockchain. We will continue to maintain strong support for the ever-growing and developing Cardano ecosystem and hope to bring even more great value to ADA and crypto users worldwide in 2022 to help accelerate the adoption of the Cardano and Moonstake ecosystems together.

About Moonstake

As a world-leading staking service provider, Moonstake develops and operates decentralized wallet services for enterprises and end-users.

Our full-scale staking business started in August 2020. With the support of users all over the world, our total staking assets has risen to 1.8 billion dollars. In June 2021, we ranked third among 15,000 staking providers globally.

So far, we have expanded our business and ecosystem through about 30 strategic partnerships, including major blockchains such as Cardano and its official commercial arm EMURGO, TRON, and NEO. In May 2021, we became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the listed company “OIO Holdings Limited” on the Singapore Stock Exchange and we are working to further expand Moonstake’s businesses and improve our visibility.


EMURGO is the official commercial arm of Cardano and provides socially impactful solutions to solve some of the most intricate problems of organizations. As a founding entity of the Cardano protocol, EMURGO is able to leverage its abilities for large-scale blockchain development and rapid solutions deployment to benefit its global clients.

EMURGO has offices in Singapore, India, and Indonesia, and a roster of global clients & partners. To connect and learn more, visit

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