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Inubis Has Marked its Presence on the Leading Crypto Event Crypto Expo Dubai


Cryptocurrencies are known as “digital gold” since they are safe investments not influenced by politics. Peer-to-peer transactions are used in the cryptocurrency trade. This means that one person pays another via a desktop or mobile device, with the transaction initiated and authenticated by a downloaded or browser-based app.

Cryptocurrencies have given investors, and speculators access to a vibrant and rapidly rising market, in addition to their utility as payment systems. WazirX, Poloniex, and ShapeShift are examples of such exchanges. In addition, the cryptocurrency market is also being utilized to support companies through initial coin offerings (ICOs).

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Moreover, you must have heard of the leading digital world event Crypto Expo Dubai. One of the companies that were the attendees was Inubis.

What is Inubis, and How does it Work?

Before really getting to know this company, are you very well prepared to receive the NubiWalllet, because it has got a lot in its pocket to give you? It is the world’s first crypto asset wallet with built-in token analytics and dust detection. Amazing, right?

Now it’s time to know why is it the best and wise choice to make?

First, it is a decentralized community that genuinely cares about one other. Second, Inubis is a terrific financial investment and a leader in animal conservation and giving back through cryptocurrency.

Another, it is safe and secure as any other crypto exchange platform. To protect its investors, the liquidity in the pool has been secured using Unicrypt’s time-based feature. It means that liquidity cannot be moved or redeemed until a particular time has passed (101 years).

Third, Inubis is an entirely decentralized community-driven project in which the community has direct control over the development process, resources, and decision-making authority.

The final reason is that in an external ‘BurnFund’ Wallet, its smart contract collects 1% of every transaction. The Ethereum accumulated in the BurnFund Wallet is then used to purchase Inubis tokens, which are then burned (delivered to the dead address).

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