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Investors preferring crypto over stocks


While some people still feel that investing in crypto means investing in an unconventional asset, that scenario is changing quickly. More and more traditional investors are showing a growing interest in cryptocurrency. Top investors, including Elon Musk and Mark Cuban, are avid followers of cryptocurrency and believe in the future of the market. Following their footsteps, an increasing number of investors are now investing in crypto.

In a recent survey by Cardify, it is revealed that crypto investors are investing more in coins than in traditional brokerage firms. Amber Foucault from Cardify reports that there is a gradual shift in the investment allocation of most people. More people are now diversifying their portfolios by increasing investments in cryptocurrencies. It is not surprising that more people are now shifting towards crypto since the sector has shown much promise over the last few years.

Another key reason behind increased investments in crypto is the awareness of millennial investors. Cryptocurrency is an internet phenomenon. The section of the population that spends the most time on the internet also happens to be the most interested in crypto. Cryptocurrencies gain hype across chatrooms, forums, and other virtual conversation spots. Being the most active participant in these conversations, the millennial population is noticeably shifting towards crypto.

Cryptocurrency is also showing a promise of rejuvenating or replacing dead industries. Blockchain technology, for example, has huge potential to increase the effectiveness of multiple sectors. As more people realize the merits of this technology, interest in crypto is also rising. All these factors work together in making crypto a favorable investment asset.

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