Monday, December 4, 2023

IOG Deploys Toolkit to Build Sidechains to Enhance Blockchains.

Input Output Global (IOG), the company known for the Cardano blockchain, has launched a toolkit for building custom sidechains for developers to create blockchains for specific use cases on the system.

The toolkit will initially be available on a test net. It will allow the sidechains to benefit from Cardano’s security and decentralization, as well as the support of the existing community. IOG said the sidechains are separate blockchains built on the main blockchain but run independently.

As such, Cardano has joined the likes of Polkadot in offering the framework allowing developers to experiment with niche applications in a live environment without compromising the main network. Through the sidechains, IOG is looking at increasing the transaction capacity, enabling more data to be processed without increasing the risk of network downtime.

IOG intends to extend Cardano’s capabilities by making it extensible and more scalable without jeopardizing the stability or security of the main chain. The toolkit makes the creation of a family of sidechains possible, each with its own consensus algorithm. This means that applications built on the sidechain will not depend on Cardano’s network rules to function. It should be noted that the sidechains are connected to the main chain via a bridge that allows asset transfer between the chains.

All for the test.

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