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Is Bitcoin a Good Buy Ahead of the Next Bull Run?

Widespread interest in Bitcoin is a positive sign for its valuation.

According to a recent study by the cryptocurrency market data analytics platform CryptoQuant, the widespread interest in Bitcoin (BTC) is a positive sign for the currency’s valuation. The experts concluded that the bull market’s top is “far away,” and investors have time to enter the ecosystem because “there is still little interest and there is no new influx.”

Google Trends suggests that the latest big increase in BTC’s popularity occurred around the beginning of November 2021. The asset quickly rose to an all-time high of about $70,000.

It is important to note that after falling to a three-year low in June of this year, interest in the top digital asset has progressively increased over the previous several months. BlackRock’s plans to introduce a spot BTC in the US and the recent market recovery generally may be among the factors igniting additional interest.

Additional Elements That Might Trigger a Bull Run

According to ChatGPT, increasing interest is not the only prerequisite for the price of BTC to begin growing. The AI-powered language model proposed that additional factors influencing the next bull run included institutional investments, widespread adoption, the macroeconomic climate, regulations, and technological advancements. Taking great note of the rules, ChatGPT stated:

Regulatory changes might have a big impact on the bitcoin market. While unfavorable or ambiguous rules might have the opposite impact, clarity and favorable regulations can increase confidence and stimulate investment.

In light of this, it is reasonable to infer that Ripple’s eventual victory in its case against the US SEC and the prospective approval of BlackRock’s (or another financial juggernaut’s) application for a spot BTC ETF might be advantageous to the entire cryptocurrency industry.

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