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Is Now a Good Time to Buy XRP? A Closer Look at the Ripple Price. Cryptured

‘XRP has Enough Potential to Reach $27’
Bulls believe that the price of the asset will likely increase significantly in the near future as a result of Ripple’s progress towards what could be a decisive legal victory against the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the numerous developments involving the blockchain industry, and the increased volatility of XRP.

Many analysts have recently made a ton of predictions, with some anticipating modest rises and others stunning spikes. EGRAG CRYPTO, a user on X (Twitter), made the most outrageous bet by predicting that XRP will trade at an astounding $27 in less than three years.

The “Elliott Wave Theory,” which contains five progressive cycles, is the foundation for the forecast. If XRP is successful in reaching that stage, “Wave 3” might be a “game-changer,” according to EGRAG CRYPTO.

“Wave 3 overtakes other waves in size and influence to become the trend’s main force. The future of XRP looks bright because Wave 3 frequently outpaces Wave 1 by a ratio of about 1.618,” they said.

The expert emphasized that Ripple’s native coin is still in the first stage, or “Wave 1,” and that it might start moving in a bullish direction at the beginning of 2024. The valuation may then see increased volatility, peaking at around $10 before plummeting to as little as $1.50. It might eventually soar toward the $27 mark in Q4 2025.

In light of this, EGRAG CRYPTO claimed that purchasing the coin now, when it is less than $0.50, “might just be the wisest move for generations to come.”

What are the real chances?
It’s important to note that this pricing seems a little implausible given that XRP’s market capitalization would have to increase to roughly $1.5 trillion for this to occur. Remember that during the bull run in 2021, when Bitcoin (BTC) rose to an all-time high of about $70,000, the market cap of the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem was around $3 trillion.

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