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Is the market for Tai Lopez NFTs at its peak? The Alibaba massage gun controversy.

Some folks in the non-fungible token marketplace are worried about the market whenTai Lopez started his own project to do with NFTs. Tai Lopez is a well-known figure on social media and controversial too. He is famous for many weird marketing tactics.

His NFT project is called the OG Social Club (original garage) and offers homage to a famous ad on which many mems are based. This ad aired in 2015 and in it, Lopez flaunts his Ferrari as well as new books numbering 2000. These are located in his home garage and promote his courses on business. The NFTs on offer are in 3 levels – each rarer than the other. The NFTs offer to a social club which is online and varying degrees of access to Lopez, the celebrity.

In other news, Alibaba’s marketplace for NFTs has banned the use of massage guns. Apparently, close to 700 users on the Jingtan marketplace used massage guns and software and spammed the buying process. They managed to buy NFs on the platform with these tactics. According to a company representative, the company’s technical department was convinced that users used these guys to click fast on the buy button.

The EPL (English Premier League) is supposed to be working on launching an official NFT which is licensed. This launch will take place later in 2022. As the best-known pro-football league around the globe, the EPL wants to repeat the huge success of sports collectible tokenization.

Bored Ape Yacht Club, a popular and charitable NFT project has lost 65% of its volume in the last month. The NFT market is in a slump of late and an important factor for such a huge reduction in volume is because of the company’s booming prices

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