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It Pays to Wait,’ Arthur Hayes Assures Crypto Traders, ‘A Stronger USD Is Coming.’

The CEO of crypto derivates exchange BitMEX, Arthur Hayes, has put out a statement that it pays to wait. He has offered advice to all the crypto holders. According to him, there are three different categories of crypto holders, and he has advice for all three groups. He’s also of the opinion that in the current tug of rope for power between America and China, the crypto market will remain the only free market in the near future. It only makes sense to keep the crypto industry alive. Also, naturally, as people become more and more aware of the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency, they will gravitate towards it.

The Advice

Hayes advises that those who are wondering whether they should bring in more fiat to their crypto should wait and see how the market reacts. The market is currently quite unstable, as it often is during the end of the year. According to Hayes, these people should wait and see until March and then take any decision.

His advice for those who want to expand their macro crypto exposure is quite different. In simpler terms, those who want to stay in the crypto game on the front lines should focus on the metaverse and play-to-earn gaming platforms that have incorporated crypto. These ventures will be more profitable than playing on the crypto market in general.

For the last group that trades actively, Hayes doesn’t have much to say except that USD will strengthen. Thus, they will be able to have a choice between both markets if China doesn’t pull out a wild card.

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