Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Jack Dorsey Launches AT Protocol to Make Communication Easier for Users.

Former CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey launched Authenticated Transfer (AT) Protocol as a federated network to power the next generation of social media applications. The protocol was built as a federated network to allow users to easily communicate with blockchain URLs.

Users on the AT social protocol will be identified by their domain names; instead of the long string of cryptographic URLs, domain names like @alice will be used. Moreover, users can easily move their on-chain identity across social networks built on AT protocol without losing their data. It should be noted that AT protocol has an open algorithm that allows users to easily take control of their social feed.

The AT protocol is for large-scale distributed social applications that will bring about account portability, algorithmic choice, interoperability, and performance. It gives users access to an open market of algorithms, similar to the way that users interacting with Web search engines are free to select their indexers.

According to Bluesky, users will have more control over what they see and who they reach on social media platforms using the protocol than that aspect being controlled and manipulated by a single corporation seeking engagement. He had previously described the content moderation model as occurring in multiple layers through the system, including in aggregation algorithms, thresholds based on reputation, and end-user choice. Bluesky believes there is no one company that can decide what gets published, but there is a marketplace of companies deciding what to carry to their audiences.

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