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Jim Carrey makes his debut in the world of NFTs.

Jim Carrey has finally made his entry into the NFT world. He has put his debut piece up for auction. He revealed this news on June 9th, last Friday. The actor from Canada said that he feels both blessed as well as cursed when it comes to living his life. He revealed that he has an imagination that is vivid. And this is coupled with his desire to share what his peculiarities are. He also wants to share what his inspirations are.

The name that he has selected for his NFT is ‘Sunshower’. He describes this name as something that could enhance people’s mood. He shares then that the NFT brought positivity into his life, and hopes it can do the same for others. He said all this through a tweet.

Jim Carrey’s NFT

The ‘Sunshower’ NFT was produced by Jim Carrey in collaboration with Davud Bushell, a filmmaker. This NFT is auctioned by a company known for both buying as well as selling NFTs, SuperRare.

At the present moment, the price of this NFT is somewhere in the $10,000s. However, anyone that wants to own this NFT will need to wait to place their bid. People will be able to place their bids on the ‘Sunshower’ NFT from Tuesday. Jim Carrey has spoken about his NFT in length. He talks about peace that can be found beyond personality. He says that people are not the images they create, but the light that comes from them. This light is what others find lovable and what people have in common. He says that to him, suffering seems to be like the sun shower.

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