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Joe Rogan, the world’s most popular podcaster, believes that cryptocurrency has a lot of potential

Joe Rogan’s podcast Joe Rogan Experience is arguably the most successful podcast in history. His podcast touches upon practically every possible subject with guests ranging from YouTubers to Nobel Laureates. In a recent episode of the podcast, Joe sat down with fellow podcaster Adam Curry and talked about a wide range of issues. Rogan and Curry talked about cryptocurrencies and the metaverse, among other things. Despite not being experts in the field, their opinions had a big impact on the global crypto community. Redditors took to r/cryptocurrency to speak for and against Rogan and Curry. While some Redditors called Rogan and Curry out for their shallow understanding, others went on to praise them for their role in bringing cryptocurrency to the mainstream. However, the things said in the podcast were neither radical nor conclusive.

According to Joe Rogan, cryptocurrency is either going up or down and there is no middle street. He believes that cryptocurrency can transform the world for good, but also runs the risk of collapsing like a sandcastle. Adam Curry, for his part, did not have many negatives for cryptocurrency. He urged Rogan to own at least one Bitcoin for the future. They also touched upon the metaverse, but neither did anything more than speculate about the future of the technology. It is predicted that the mention on the Joe Rogan Experience will give cryptocurrencies and the metaverse a further push to the mainstream.

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