Wednesday, July 24, 2024

John Legend, a Grammy winner, has launched a new music and art portal called NFT.

More exciting news in the NFT world – award-winning singer-songwriter John Legend has launched a new NFT platform. What is special about this one? Users don’t need a crypto wallet and it is easy to use.

John Legend is cementing his position in the NFT world with the launch of a new platform for entertainers and musicians. He is one among many celebrities to join the NFT world and offer users unique opportunities. The platform is called OneSong. It offers artists to tokenize their work and sell it to buyers with access privileges to unreleased music and contact via private chatrooms.

The platform makes it easy for everyone interested to turn their stores, pictures and music into NFT cards called Vibes. These cards allow users to unlock exclusives like updates and join private chat communities. Interacting with like-minded people is the driving force.

Legend is the CIO – chief impact officer and his job is to attract new artists and their fan base to the NFT world. In a chat with Bloomberg, Legend stated that he spends a lot of time and energy thinking about music. He also spends time on how to make the platform accessible and connect people.

Other famous personalities involved with the project are Chris Lin. Chris is the co-founder of a streaming service called KKBOX and he will be CEO of the new company. Other people to join this new venture are Kevin Lin of Twitch, a live streaming platform and Matt Cheng, founder of new VC firm, Cherubic Ventures.

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