Thursday, December 7, 2023

JPMorgan Shares Crypto Market Predictions, Ethereum Upgrades, Defi, and NFTs.

JPMorgan is one of the biggest global investment banks out there. And when an institution like JPMorgan dishes out financial predictions, everyone stops to listen. Recently, the bank published a report that included predictions about the future of crypto. This report included not only coins and blockchains but also NFTs and the whole DeFi sector in general. If one were to sum the report up, it would say that the future looks bright for crypto and DeFi supporters.

The Report

The keyword that was used by the bank for the crypto market in their report was “financially relevant”. According to the report, NFTs and crypto will be high in demand due to Web3.0. As the internet moves towards decentralization, decentralized finance will obviously gain momentum and a major part of DeFi is crypto. The whole DeFi revolution that is resisting traditional institutions and forces of investments will be supported by a decentralized internet.

Blockchain bridge is another keyword that was emphasized upon in the report. It was said that blockchain bridges will be more popular than NFTs in 2022. Although the analyst at JPMorgan sided with DeFi in the report, the CEO of JPMorgan is still not sure about crypto. Jamie Dimon has, again and again, warned their customers to tread carefully when it comes to cryptocurrency. According to Dimon, cryptocurrencies are bubbles that are bound to burst. However, most experts agree that if crypto was a bubble, it would have burst by now. Thus, it’s safe to say that crypto will be a big part of our financial lives in the coming years.

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