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Katana Inu Graces Crypto Expo Event 2022 in Dubai

Katana Inu is a PC game with an NFT ecosystem that will open up new opportunities for gamers. In the recent past, the firm attended the Crypto Expo Dubai Event 2022, held in Dubai.

The Crypto Expo, organized by a Dubai-based event organizer — HQMENA — was successfully concluded. The event hosted several exhibitors who participated from across the globe, with over 10 thousand visitors attending the two-day expo.

Moreover, this event is considered one of the most noteworthy events in the blockchain field and crypto technology.

What are Digital Tokens?

A digital token is a representation of values or rights that are presented and sold for the purpose of participation in, facilitating access to, or development of a blockchain, distributed ledger, or any other digital structure.

The tokens represent a specific amount of digital resources you can own, assign to another, or redeem later. These tokens are either intrinsic or created by software and assigned to a specific utility.

What are Gaming Tokens Used For?

Gaming tokens are online tokens that have found a varied range of different use-cases within digital games. Throwing light on them, these tokens can be used to develop or upgrade weapons or armor within the game. Moreover, the user can now breed or combine multiple in-game creatures with the aim of creating a new creature with attributes that are rare by using these gaming tokens.

More about Katana Inu-

Games are Katana Inu’s passion. That’s why the creators developed Katana Inu to create a platform that promotes innovation in the gaming sector. It is a play-to-earn multiplayer game and a battle royale with NFT-skins in an open, interactive world map.

The team has effectively combined the sectors of gaming and blockchain technology. Moreover, Katana Inu manages this major project with a German team of experienced entrepreneurs. The platform aims to create massive value in Crypto Space.

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