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Katie Haun To Launch Venture Capital Fund, Focus On Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Startups

Katie Haun, who is considered one of the world’s top crypto investors, plans to launch her own venture capital fund in the new year. The fund will focus on cryptocurrency and blockchain start-ups. Haun joined Andreessen Horowitz as the first female general partner in 2018, helped raise multiple cryptocurrency-focused funds. She also launched the company’s crypto funds with Chris Dixon.

Haun tweeted that when she started their first crypto fund with Chris in 2018, it was a moonshot experiment. “Thanks to the hard work of many, it has exceeded both of our wildest expectations. Today, it’s more apparent than ever that web3 will transform the internet.”

Dixon, as per a statement, confirmed that Andreessen Horowitz will be investing in Haun’s venture. “We are deeply grateful to Katie and all she contributed to a16z. We’ll be anchoring LPs in her new fund and expect to closely collaborate on policy initiatives.”

Moreover, Haun is also seen as one of the most powerful investors in Silicon Valley. In a recent interview with Intelligencer, she described 2021 as the year crypto went consumer. “In 2017 and 2018, we spent a lot of time with Wall Street and institutional investors talking about crypto, because back in those days the applications were largely financial.”

She said they have expanded to engage with communities like Hollywood. “Crypto has really had this breakthrough moment in terms of use cases. It’s really been a whirlwind.”

Haun believes crypto to be one of the largest funds. It’s certainly the largest to have any number of people who work on a single fund, she pointed out.

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