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Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank Shares His Bitcoin Advice

Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank fame recently had some words of advice for young investors getting into crypto. While hailing crypto as a must-have asset for investors, he revealed that his investment in crypto has increased by 10%. The chairman of O’Shares ETFs spoke to Bitcoin Magazine and shared his advice.

While giving young investors cryptocurrency investing advice, he remarked that the Gen-Z is becoming increasingly adept at handling cryptocurrencies. He cited the example of his own 25-year-old son, who is an avid crypto investor and would probably never walk into a bank in his life. Along with youngsters, older people are also coming across the wonders of cryptocurrency. While the learning curve is usually steeper for them, they can still manage to get a hold of it.

While O’Leary sounded completely optimistic about investing in cryptocurrency, he iterated the importance of understanding its mechanics before investing heavily. Uninformed investments can turn out to be very harmful, as all investors agree. Kevin O’Leary also shared information about his own investment portfolio. Apart from Bitcoin, he has investments in other cryptocurrencies and in startups working in the crypto space. Taking it all together, his investment in cryptocurrencies has increased significantly over the last few others.

When leading investors like O’Leary come out in support of crypto, it gains validity and credibility to a wide group of people. O’Leary is just one among the many investors who hail crypto, and we can expect to see more entrepreneurs talking about this investment instrument in the future.

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