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KFC India debuts BuckETH, a virtual treat.


KFC India is set to treat its customers to a delicious digital surprise. Earlier this month, KFC India announced the debut of its signature white and red striped bucket, only this time in the form of an NFT. Talented artists from all across India have partnered to curate this one-of-a-kind NFT, called BuckETH. BuckETH is to be hosted on the OpenSea marketplace as a celebration of KFC restaurants reaching 150 cities in the country. BuckETH is a unique blend of creative designs as an NFT.

On Twitter, KFC India labeled BuckETH as the ‘crunchiest bucket on the block(chain)’.

KFC India’s Remarks

The official spokesperson for KFC India remarked that they were excited to introduce the Bucket in a new way in the digital world. KFC BuckETH was designed by budding artists all across the globe to provide an opportunity for customers to connect with the brand.

In a statement, one winning customer would receive the KFC BuckETH. Interested customers can visit the official Instagram page of KFC India and take a screenshot of the Ultimate Chicken Lover Checklist that is available in KFC stores. Once users fill up the checklist with text, images, or GIFs, they will have to post the same on their Instagram stories after tagging KFC India. In the contest, KFC India will choose one lucky winner who will receive the coveted BuckETH.

While KFC is only now stepping foot in the NFT space, its competitors have already made a name for themselves. Taco Bell was the first fast food company to introduce an NFT line in March of last year.

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