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KnowMeNow Presented Itself in the Prestigious AIBC Summit in Malta

KnowMeNow is a blockchain-based start-up that aims to establish a decentralized, safe, and user-friendly KYC solution, revolutionizing the way KYC procedures are now carried out.

A blockchain trust ecosystem that is decentralized and open, KnowMeNow provides you with KYC services that are more efficient, dependable, and compliant than before. It was seen that they were present at the renowned Malta-based AIBC Summit.

The KnowMeNow software platform is available on mobile phones enhances the user experience while also providing consumers with control over their personal information.

How does KnowMeNow work?

With just minimal certificate requirements, it can help you get started with the KYC. They accept documents that clearly display your full name (making the identity document), issuance date, and address. The statement’s date must be within three months of the Level 3 verification submission. The company‚Äôs logo that issued the document must be clearly visible on the documents you share. Accounts that are held jointly are also permissible.

You can be on board with them in just three simple steps- Upload, Verify, and On-Board. First, you only have to upload the documents, then they will verify them in real-time. The final step is that you will be on board with them in no minute.

An added benefit is that at no point will you have any interaction with the third person in between. KnowMeNow makes sure that consumer data is sent directly from the mobile app to the merchant chosen by the consumer. They do not store any personal information about their customers.

It is to be emphasized that this app is only available for Android users. Unfortunately, it is not available for iOS, but it is working on it. Nevertheless, KnowMeNow is absolutely free for all users to download.

Within the “Partners” icon on the home screen of the KnowMeNow App, it presents users with a list of our partner merchants, grouped by their appropriate sectors. This is a list of all the different firms that support KnowMeNow registration.

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