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KryptoPets Made it to the World’s Leading Crypto Event Crypto Expo Dubai

Crypto is literally everywhere, from boardroom balance sheets to auctions of digital art pieces. While blockchain information has almost reached the mainstream — crypto as a mode of payment could be easily found nearly everywhere — what remains to be seen is how much the blockchain will transform and challenge the world we live in.

For example, cryptocurrency has already been approved as legal currency in El Salvador, raising concerns about what a global economy may look like if it transitions to decentralized banking. But as far we know, the world we live in is dominated by cryptocurrencies.

Let’s now talk about the world’s leading crypto event called Crypto Expo Dubai. It has seen the presence of crypto fanatics from around the globe. One of the featured investors was KryptoPets. All these events set up healthy competition in the industry along with a way to increase connections.

How does KryptoPets work?

This is a platform that allows you to become the king of KryptoPets. It is an NFT P2E game metaverse. One gets the opportunity to build their own island in the Kryptopet Metaverse by training and fighting with their own unique Kryptopets. It is precisely how exciting it sounds.

As a matter of fact, Pokémon, Tamagotchi, CryptoKitties, and the Metaverse collide in the NFT Play-To-Earn blockchain game Kryptopets Metaverse. This metaverse of KryptoPets gives you more exposure to fun and really cool stuff under one umbrella term.

By joining an Alliance, players can interact with other community members or ‘Trainers’ of their own living NFT Kryptopets. How? By engaging in alliance activities, earning unique awards, and battling in the Arena and Tournaments as part of the Kryptopets Metaverse League.

In total, it consists of three phases of games for all the players and users. The first one is the care and train gameplay, another is P2E Battles, and the final one says Extension of the Metaverse & Mobile.

Cryptured Team
Cryptured Team
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