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Lbank Exchange to Launch WAHED Coin on December 5th.

Inside WAHED’s slashing financial center, the asset powers a constantly growing range of services. Inside WAHED’s slashing financial center, the asset powers a constantly growing range of services. By being made available to investors globally by being listed on LBank, WAHED Coin will let more individuals benefit from what the WAHED ecosystem has to offer.

The WAHED group’s members have worked in the industry for years, and they are now imparting their expertise to the following generation of entrepreneurs and innovators. The initiative makes use of blockchain technology to benefit businesses and widen access to international donations and investments.

Chairperson Sheikh Abdullah bin Ahmed bin Salman Al Khalifa is in charge of the leadership group. The Chairperson, who is the main driver behind WAHED, has years of experience dealing with both the Bahraini government. The promise of smart contracts has been made clear by Her Majesty’s most recent role as Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Housing. The WAHED Chairman has experience carrying out programs at the federal level.

Vice Chairman Eng. Abdulrahman bin Ahmed Al Abdulkader assists the Chairman. He has more than 30 years of experience working in the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Finance and is knowledgeable in everything from engineering to real estate. Due to its vast experience in international trade, WAHED is well-positioned to play an important role in the global investment scene.

Sergio Toromino is a famous businessman who has worked in the shipbuilding, construction, and metallurgy industries for many years. Additionally, he carries with him a distinguished political background and has held elected office in Italy.

The first investment hub for blockchain startups, green projects, and creative industries is called WAHED. WAHED strives to provide a world of openness, based on trust and is the answer to the funding problems faced by technology startups as well as eco-friendly and sustainability-focused startups.

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